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This new British musical is unlike anything you've seen or heard before!

Seventeen-year-old Billie Belle is a girl used to having the odds stacked
against her. Born in a southern state, bible belt town to a delinquent
mother, Billie spent her childhood saving discount-store coupons and
working night shifts to keep the lights on in her grandma’s tiny trailer.
Through it all Billie has had one person by her side: her childhood
sweetheart, Brody Benson. Brody’s a redneck with a heart of gold and
they have spent years planning their future together, all pinned on Billie’s hopes for a full-ride scholarship to Charleston City College. But their plans are thrown into chaos when Billie discovers Brody has been trading dirty DMs with David Francis – the school queer punk rocker.

Torn between the pain of this betrayal and her love for her boyfriend, Billie reaches out to David and his gang of misfits. While Billie has put all her energy into thriving within the system, they’ve gone the other way, determined to be wild and joyful outsiders with no fear of offending!

Inspired by and united with her new friends, Billie finds herself at the heart of a new kind of love story, one where her happily ever after is with herself in her fight for justice and equality; and the chance to ride out into the sunset on her terms. This new musical is being semi-staged in front of a live audience for the first time. For two nights only, come and join us for the birth of a new British musical unlike anything else you may have seen or heard.

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